16 October 2013


          Our household community recently held its regular get together. And the last time we met, it allowed me to renew my self and gain further strength to go on with life. My fellow brothers and sisters were so enthusiastic to share their own moments with their loved ones. Hearing all of these, I came into a realization how marvelous life is. Being with loved ones and with friends are favorable circumstances that enable me to go deeper of myself and look back if where am I leading to in my own journey.

          Having said that, I know beforehand that my time is spent positively unlike when I will merely spend it to just stay it in idleness thus allowing me to just dumb myself with nonsense things. I admire the sincerity of my brothers and sisters in our sharing for this openness allowed me to have a deep understanding of themselves and of myself.

imagecredit:By Danilo Rizzuti, published on 19 April 2010
          Treasured moments like this are nevertheless imprinted in my heart and when I go back to my own self, this will serve as one experience that I can recall and extract strength. "I gain my strength from my husband and he does the same. Yet at one time, I realized that it is actually from God whom I am getting this real strength to face this life's struggles and trials"- Thus came one of the realizations of our sister in the group. While listening to this, I continued closing my eyes and inaudibly murmured to myself, "she is not alone in that predicament for that is exactly what I'm doing in my own trial stages". 

          Yes, everything lies in my God. He is my  main source of strength aside from my family (wife and little boy). Knowingly or unknowingly, He consistently guides me into the right path. To boot, He draws everything in me. Without His guidance, I am nothing.  "In Jesus, and through the relationship He offers me, I find my hope…He is my strength — my peace, my purpose and my power.:-Sylene Mack- president-Transformed by Grace community.  Thus, I offer to Him everything in my life-my joys, my treasures, pains, aspirations etc. Going back to our community, I am so grateful to have encountered the bond of friendship with these people. And as we proceed with our respective journeys in life, may the guiding hand of our Divine Creator continue to inspire and mold us into persons whom He wanted us to be.


13 October 2013


          Every single day, I read the news on the internet and view videos on Youtube. And at times, I say to myself that with all these modern technologies and wonders that we have today, we are becoming closer to one another- a very positive thing. And I observed that since the evolution of Youtube in 2005 until this time, enormous amount of influences have been imparted to all viewers and count me in as one of of those. Specifically for the Philippines, my home country, I would say that Yuotube has much impacted the world of politics while culturally also, it has emerged as one of the top influences when it comes to promoting the Filipino culture. Then next the area of the news reporting which for me, came as least affected among those areas (politics, culture) 

imagecredit: By Stuart Miles, published on 24 July 2012
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          Though I am now based in Australia yet I keep myself updated with what is going on in my country.Youtube videos showed how the Philippines emerged as the top economy in Asia this year.To put a further meat on the said comment, more Yuotube videos explcitly showed why the Philippines through the initiative of the president, Benigno Aquino Jr., was able to outgrow other performing economies in Asia. And it is such a source of joy to learn such accomplishment when I am far away from home that my country is performing positively amidst the present crisis in other Asian countries.  

          With regard to the Philippine culture, Youtube also brings a lot of help in its promotion since through this site, one can view and comprehend the various cultures of the Philippines which makes it a unique country. Eversince its occupation by the Americans, Japanese and finally by the Spaniards, it has made efforts to free itself from all those influences. The country did not stop to regain its freedom and continued with its own development. Thus today's social media becomes such an effective tool in spreading the vastness and richness of the Filipino culture.  Meanwhile, as seen on Youtube, the country again made world news when Megan Young, the country's first winner of the recently concluded Miss World pageant , made every Filipino proud. (reference 2)

          And going now to the least affected by Youtube in my country, I would still claim that Youtube's news reporting contributions are relevant for they enable viewers to own updates on the daily events all over the country. What made Youtube news relays more atractive to the viewers comparing to print media are the accompanying videos and footages that happen during the actual event. Thus just by acquiring access to the internet and viewing Youtube, any Filipino or even non-Filipino then becomes aware of today's happenings in the country. (reference 3)

          To end, I would say that since the beginning of Yuotube in the early months of 2005 up to this time, much has been evolving in the world of he internet video. As Robert Kynel puts it, "There's a lot of work to be done....."- 
(Reference 4)  ((http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/01/16/120116fa_fact_seabrook?currentPage=all)....hence with his words we can expect for more surprises and developments in the internet tv world-Youtube.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl_PSHXAqq8- Philippine Politics
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7iwmL13B0c- Philippine Culture
3.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoO3mAKqvpQ-Philippine News
4.  “It’s certainly not going to be easy,” Kyncl said of the new venture. “There’s a lot of work to be done, to make sure this works. But, as a friend who just landed a job at one of the networks said, ‘At least you guys are swinging for the fences. There are a lot of other people who are just sitting around and watching things happen.’ ” ♦- Robert Kynel- senior officer of Youtube.(http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/01/16/120116fa_fact_seabrook?currentPage=all)


5 October 2013


          As I proceed with my life journey, I tried to reflect on past events of my life then realized that it is as if I am reading a book- in fact, my own book of life. With such reflection, I am so glad to be a participant of this life journey. Each day as I wake up, new learnings embrace me and they assist me to go on with my own personal development.

          Furthermore, I know that there is no limit and boundary over learnings. It only takes one's commitment to participate consistently in this journey that will make a consequent difference in his/her life. One noteworthy in life is when we share our various giftedness with each other. As you and me go on with our everyday learnings, we grow the more when we exchange life's wonderful stories.
          Allow me to share with you this wonderful quotation, " Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is."- Isaac Asimov. I totally agree with Isaac in this sentiment of his. As I enter each day, I start to learn new things that contribute colors to this journey. Many people have joined me in this journey, first and foremost my wife Yanyan and our little boy, Kurt and I am so grateful to them as well as to my Divine Creator for shower of gifts.

          Thus, as we proceed with our varying trips called life, may we reflect on Isaac's words above and let us consistently remind ourselves that life's education allows us to be the best persons that we can be. As such, you and me can become agents of joy for others especially those who are deprived as a consequence of conflicts, crisis, wars, calamities etc. 


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