30 December 2015

Grateful for This Year's Blessings

          Checking back my journal for year 2015, I have found out that my happy moments outnumbered the sad ones. And it is already for me one good reason to celebrate the year 2015. Indeed we need to be grateful for whatever grace that comes to our life. 

         From the month of January up to this month, day by day, manifestations of life's greatness is very evident. From seemed simple and ordinary ones to the more grandiose things, they are showered to us every single day. And one good thing that we can do is to savour every minute of it then extend such goodness and grace to others.

           Indeed this is not really very difficult but at times, due to our other priorities we tend to forget to do it thus we fail to extend to others the preciousness of life. Let us all remember that life on earth is but a passing one and nothing will last forever, so let us try to be grateful for all good things in our life and let us also share with others every positive thing like goodness, kindness etc. so that this world will continue to be a place worthy of living for. 


30 November 2015

Some Points To Ponder

           As we end this month of November, allow me to share with you some insights into these thoughts to ponder which I believe have significant impact on our lives. Everyday we learn from our experiences and interactions with people and things. One good thing in life though that these are free and available everywhere but sad to note that many among us fail to fulfil this task due to our other concerns.

imagecredit: http://isorepublic.com

Anyone, here are points to ponder and my reflections on them:

" There's no sense aiming for a goal with no arrow in your bow."

          Goals are pertinent in our life yet we also need to equip ourselves with the necessary tools and resources so as to reach them. As mentioned beforehand, our everyday learnings allow us to grow better as a person and through this, our readiness to face the future squarely is attainable. Hindrances will come along the way but if we are determined enough to attain our goals, then we are also ready to face both yin and yang of life.

"The surest way to gain respect is to earn it by conduct."

          Much agreeable to me and I believe it is related to what they say that love begets love thus if we sow beautiful things to others then we can also expect to receive similar things on the process. If we treat others with dignity and honour then surely others will also endow us those two. 

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it."

         What is  essential to this point is that we must know how to handle and carry ourselves in all times, both in good and bad times, in smooth or rough sailing moments, in bad or god condition. At the outset, we should be the first ones who know exactly ourselves including our dynamics, volitions, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, etc.. and with this self- knowledge, we therefore are knowledgeable enough to handle those varying life chapters.

          More points to ponder next time around guys. Good luck to all our journeys in life and remember always that the best way to approach each journey is with openness and excitement.

Source of points to ponder: 14,000 Quips and Quotes
                                             By: E.C. McKenzie


11 October 2015

How to Organise One's Day

          While thinking about what to blog, I tried to reflect on all my activities today and I realised that not just once this day that I just sit idly and hopping from one thing to the other. To cut it short, some time this day, I was not sure what to spend with my time and my energy. 

         Hence, I wonder if how many out there are also like me....that at a certain time, you also just sitting idly and wondering what to do with one's time. It is somehow a given fact that there are really instances we just don't know what to do with our time. 

         Priorities are very essential in our life. I have mentioned it on my previous post before with my other blog that we need to constantly identify and hold on to our long time and short time priorities. We need to identify what are those we treasure most in life. Though I believe that they (priorities) may differ from me to you but I know so well that our respective families take the primary place among them.

         Hence, before going to rest, let us try to look back each day and check if we have been faithful to our priorities for the day. 


10 September 2015

uTHRiV- Helping Others Through Various Ways

uTHRiV- a company that believe in helping people to achieve total wellness within as well as in the  world around them. 

"The purpose of the company:

T= Thinking: All healthy living begins with healthy living with healthy thinking. 

H= Health: We only have one physical body and in order to live life to the fullest, then we must invest in the right nutritional planning for our bodies so we can have optimal health.

R= Resources: What do we do with the resources we have and how do we earn more time freedom or wealth? We will challenge our Brand Partners on a daily basis in this area.  

V= Village: We were placed here to be a part of a village and to make a difference in that village. 

photo credit: Common tern via photopin (license)

Meet the People Behind uTHRiV:


Joe Tessin has spent his adult life building organisations, leading teams, and coaching individuals as well as consulting with executive management teams. His passion is to help people experience life by design as opposed to on accident. One of the things Joe says is, " everyone ends up somewhere in life so we might as well end up somewhere on purpose."

In recent years, Joe launched "Better Days Group": a coaching company where he worked alongside both individuals and companies to help them experience organisational clarity and overcome many of the dysfunctions that plague them. He also created "Monday Morning Champions", an idea and concept to once again encourage people to maximise their quality of life especially on Monday's!

As one of Co-Founders of uTHRiV, Joe serves as president and spends his time leading the day to day operations of the company as well as leaning on his years of experience in the field to create a culture of excellence for our brand partners and customers.


Mr. Dee has spent his entire career developing and managing direct sales teams. For the past twenty years, Brian's principal focus has been in the area of sports marketing, managing credit card marketing programs for MBNA America and Bank of America in conjunction with the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Ruins, and New England Patriots, along with many sports teams throughout the United States.  

In his role as Vice President of Business Development at American Passage and Promotion, Brian managed hundreds of sporting events. The companies include Coca-Cola, Starbucks, First USA Bank, as well as MBNA. His career highlights include managing credit card promotions for NHL All Star games in Boston, Denver, and Los Angeles, SUper Bowls in New Orleans and San Diego, NBA All Star week in Los Angeles, several World Series and the 1999 Baseball All Star Game at Fenway Park. 

Prior to joining uTHRiV, Brian co-founded VizConnect in April 2011. This managed mobile marketing company based in Massachussets went public in February 2013 under the trading symbol VIZC. Brian remains a member of the board of directors. 

As one of the co- founders of uTHRiV, Brian serves as Executive Vice President and spends his time with our family of brand partners in the field. His poise under pressure and experience navigating start-up environments and sales teams gives us the leadership we will need to grow. "- Source

uTHRiV Company Headquarters:

323 s. Houston Lake Rd
Warner Robins GA 31088
contact number: (478) 333-2978


Special gratitude to Judy Garcia- a Linked partner and a brand partner of uTHRiV for providing me with the materials for this post.  For more information about the company, click here:


15 August 2015

Brings Tears of Joy to My Eyes

         Brings tears of joy to my eyes- Have you got into such kind of experience lately? I mean crying is such a universal thing that it could never be labeled as something likened to one's weakness or downfall....or tears on itself could mean agony.....

         We are into this world wherein when one shares some tears, he or she could then be judged as undergoing certain level pf pain YET the big thing is that his act of crying can therefore be the so called " tears of joy inside out"...the result of a very positive experience.

          We have various chapters in life. Yet in those chapters, they are always covered into two opposing parts - the positive and the negative. We cherish the positive and assess whatever is negative. Some of those moments that could either give us tears of joy are the following:

- winning the lottery
- having a baby for the first time
- recovery from a serious illness
- coming home of a lost loved one
- reconciling with a dear one
- having the chance to travel to a dreamland

          It is said that crying is a very good form of exercise both physically and emotionally since it allows the release of those negative energies stored in our body and mind. Hence, we should never be ashamed to cry even if others misconceived it as a sign of weakness for what counts most is that we are true to ourselves- we show to the world how we feel inside of us. 


5 July 2015

Adversity of Success

A Guest Post:

          The man who makes a success of an important venture never wails for the crowd. He strikes out for himself. It takes nerve, it takes a great lot of grit: But the man that succeeds has both. Anyone can fail. The public admires the man who has enough confidence in himself to take a chance. These chances are the main things after all. The man who tries to succeed must expect to be criticised. 

the guest writer
          Nothing important was ever done but the greater number consulted previously doubted the possibility. Success is the accomplishment of that which most people think can't be done. Success is subjective, C.V. White might or might not compliment my statement, if I'm solipsistic about success , if that contains me because of what I believe and experience , please don't agree with me , but if I'm going to be volitional about success then I would say I'm too safe or maybe you have your point , but it is empirical to say that, while it is difficult, success is what we constantly look for everyday inspiration in our daily lives that drives us to perform towards our goals.

imagecredit: Jojo Dofiles

           Success is not just a destination. It is the sum total of all the hardships, inspiration and learning attained in the course of achieving it. Doing what we love is what gets us going. Success is just a mile away when we apply everyday goals into workable actions. We may not wake up to feel empowered every single day . There will be those inevitable hard or bad days when we need a little pep talk - a certain something to make us get up and mindlessly pursue what we love.Success for me therefore need not be big or small, 
it is something that makes us happy and accomplished.

Guest Writer: 

Jojo Dofiles
Chief Operating Officer
Avenue One Hotel
Digos City, Philippines


23 June 2015

Thoughts For Life's Directions

"We rate ability in men by what they finish, not by what they attempt."

At times, we preoccupy ourselves with so many things that we come out of focus. Some of us try to do things one after the other without ever finishing them. Basing on this inspiration above, what then is noteworthy in life are those accomplished tasks in life rather than those which have been attempted. Our success therefore is gauged by what we concretely achieved no matter how difficult the road could have been. 

"Some fellows dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them."

It is sad to take note that there are those fellows who just limit themselves with just dreaming dreams and never do anything to reach them. Dreams are very crucial to our life. They give us directions and urge us to do and strive for the best. However, the sad thing is when others don't materialise them and do other things instead.


"It is when we forget ourselves that we do things that are most likely to be remembered." 

Total out giving is the best way to truly contribute ourselves to others. In several instances in our life, we tend to do things for others yet at the back of our minds, there is also that desire that maybe someday, that person whom we have shared something could also do us a favour. Somehow in that case, it becomes a bent arrow meaning we do good to others but without them knowing it, we are actually doing favours for ourselves. Hence, before we extend our hands to others, let us think first of our interior motive if what really is our hearts' desire when we reach out to others.


21 May 2015

Live Life Through Examples

Have you heard about the life of an extraordinary woman named Mother Teresa? It was said that at the time of her death, she was able to establish 517 missions allowing the sick and the poor  in more than 100 countries. Some people called this mission of the ever loved Mother Teresa as "homes for the dying" and this was well confirmed as well by those doctors who have seen several of these establishments in Calcutta. 


And when you reflect on your present state of life, you then could find out that life exactly is  
made up of two sides- the good and the bad. Don't ever focus on the bad rather stay your 
energy on what is positive in life. Setting herself as an example of good deeds, Mother 
Teresa concretely served as a concrete manifestation of courage and of goodness on earth 
in spite of all its complexities.

During her lifetime, she extended deeds which could be considered as concrete examples
of love to others even to the point of sacrificing her own life for others.

 " Throughout her life on earth, and now even more fully in the Kingdom, she stands as a beacon of light reflecting the heart of GOD to those who seek him, who seek signs of his nearness and care in the darkness of human suffering and sin"- Rev. Joseph Langford

If you look around you, you can discover in our present world today all the wounds of society. Values are sacrificed for personal interest, many are blinded by this sin of greediness inside of man. However, if you also reflect on the examples of Mother Teresa, then you can ever share a sigh of relief, after all, kindness is still very much alive in somebody else's heart. 


12 April 2015

Good Karma

DO you believe in good karma?

          Another week is almost starting now and are we ready to share our generosity with others for the coming days? 


          As we go through the events day in and day out, we at times feel the burden and stress of knowing the sad plight of our brothers and sisters here and there. 

          What this world then needs is PEACE. A Peace that is rooted in the very own deep of our senses. We have enough of these worldly sufferings and chaos caused by man's greediness and evil ways. 

"Peace is not made in documents, but in the hearts of men."

          Hence to spread this good karma, we need to feed ourselves with good and positive vibes everyday. Let us all become agents of change so that this world will become a place so worthy to live in. Let us all be positive contributors so that all those brothers and sisters who are suffering in pain, hunger, unfairness, and others may be freed and carried on to a world of happiness and peace. 


10 March 2015

Treasure Your Life By Spending It Wisely

          Whenever I have the opportunity to look back on my life, I could not help but be amused and delighted upon knowing that everyday that I spend on earth adds to the colourful chapter of my life. Then slowly, I also reflect on how others make waste out of their own lives by not taking care of it. We should always realise that each day that comes into our life, another window of opportunity is opened and it is for us whether to accept it or reject it. 

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

          We need to know the greatness of this life- that our everyday learnings are beyond any limit. And we need to provide commitments as we participate consistently on this race. One way of spending our life wisely is by nurturing our various giftedness- we should not stop learning for any opportunity to interact with others, with something and with any situation, it also extends to us possibilities of growth. 

          And every growth that happens to us needs to be shared with others. Generosity begets generosity. If we share with each other and with others positive things, then as its consequence, we will also reap positive energies from them. Thus, let us constantly remember to express gratefulness to life's author and to share with others this very own giftedness- this thing called LIFE.


11 February 2015

Dealing with Daily Struggles

          In our day to day experience and journey, we come to terms with situations that will gauge our goals and dreams in life. One of those is when we are struck with illness on some varying degrees. How then do we cope in such conditions? From my own experience, I'm totally aware that facing those struggling moments is not easy. 

          And from one person to the other, each one has his own approach in dealing with them. One can resort to submission and another person could be that strong to just face it fair and square. Yet no matter how we deal with them, what comes out as noteworthy at the end of the struggle is the amount of perseverance and strength that we attribute while we are on its midst.

          Moreover, the way that we cope with those trying moments is at times dependent on those people surrounding us. Lucky we are if we have sufficient resources of contributory factors that could alleviate our predicaments. 

          However if we are living in an environment which is not that helpful and positive to us then most probably, the amount of struggle will become worse. Thus, it is always a constant blessing for all of us if we stay in such a healthy environment whether it is in our home or in a place of shelter. Consequently, the struggles brought along by negative situations like illness, problems could become lighter and source of growth.


11 January 2015

Another Beautiful Day to Cherish

          As I receive each day, it always dawns on me the image of a gift. Indeed that's exactly how I perceive every single day that comes to me. Look at this day, everything appeared as a gift  like when the time that I woke up during the day, the moments I shared with my family this day, and even with the other activities which I got involved today, they concretised a gift which for me is something that I need to also share with others. 

          Basing on my personal experiences, all those whom I interact everyday and the list of activities that I perform each day engage me into a positive vibrations about life. Consequently, tasks and relationships become light. On the other hand, I also believe that whenever we radiate positive vibrations to others, we will also welcome similar positive vibes in return. Moreover, I know that by having such positive outlook in life, it will also assist me to perform in a successful means my endeavours of the day. However, life would tell us that being constantly focus in everything we do is not an easy thing.  It entails a rich patience and stability. 

          Patience in the sense that being humans, we tend to overdo other activities in a day resulting to us being so tired and stressed at the end of the day. I don't mean that it is completely wrong neither that it is not possible since many gifted and trained individuals are capable to accomplish such task however a large number of us are at times lost in this focusing world. Can you remember any incident in your life wherein you are trying so hard to perform a specific task when suddenly a separate and unrelated thing popped up? Or it seems that you are on the verge of making it to the last of the finish line when suddenly your mind wanders far away from you? After all, these could be so frustrating on your part.

           Thus it is with such humility and gratitude that I salute my God for allowing me to stay focus on my tasks and relationships.  And may this be my constant prayer that I will continue to be focused on one thing at a time so that I can also achieve quality in my relationships and tasks. 


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