26 December 2018

The Trait of Generosity

          Being unselfish is one of those positive traits in life that we must continuously practice and share with others especially with the young generation. The recent times is a very challenging for all parents. With the emergence of today's modern technologies,  there is a need  for them to display to their kids the trait of generosity for them to learn what is it all about. 

          When they start to explore the world of modern gadgets and begin to use them like ipod, cell phone, tablet etc. the risk of them developing less the idea of being generous is inevitable. It is but common nowadays that wherever you go, kids as young as 1 year old and up start to explore already these gadgets. 
                                                                         Photo by Jarrett Kow on Unsplash
And when they learn to manipulate them, the more time that they need to play with them. Consequently they gradually create their own virtual world thus denying themselves the opportunity to cherish playing time with other kids like them.

          Therefore, the challenge now to bring them to the normal world wherein they can and able to share their time with their peers is clear. The adults like the parents need to monitor this reality making it sure that time spent by kids on modern gadgets is balanced with their time for interaction with the world. And this task has to be a priority for them if they dream of having kids who grow in harmony and who learn how to balance their time.



28 January 2018

Time To Move On

          Reading the news everyday and watching them online or on television, we can notice that nowadays, several cases of shattered relationships are on the rise. And this could make us reflect that some things in life do need to be urgently fixed before it will be too late. Others are merely showing faces of impartiality while some are courageous enough to hold on to their plight and claim a balance. 

          Somehow, the biggest pitfall in life is when we fall down and not being able to stand up. We all have moments of failures and they come in various forms. Let be in ourselves not appear as so pathetic to others.
Further at the end of the day, it would come back to us whether we will decide to move on with our life or chose the other way around. Obviously anybody would say that the best option is to move on from any negative aspect in life but in reality, this is a challenging option to do so.

          However, if we are firm and determine to get up from every failure then at the end, we could also cherish the positive fruits of such labour. Let us not stay falling on the ground, rather we should have the courage to stand up, face the world and move on

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