25 April 2013



I am sick, tired, torn and sad… I can’t help but cry… 

I knew there could be gloomy days in my life…

But I’m not giving up!... I’m still hoping for 
the sunshine to lighten me up and pass 
through the raindrops to see the 

rainbow that awaits me… I gotta be strong!.. 
I’ve got a great God behind me and this is just 
a piece of cake for Him!… 

So obstacles & challenges, back off! I’m not afraid of yah... If you still haunt me, it will be my pleasure to face yah since 

you're feeding me to be wise... And FYI, There’s no problem too big for God's power and too small for God’s concern… 

Got it? ヅ



by: SWEETUMZ16----


          Significant people are ones who can give us comfort and strength when things are getting rough and tough...when everything seems so blurred, they come to our rescue and offer us a sense of perspective. Thus, it is but fitting to remember them always in our hearts including those who are away from us anymore-our faithful departed.

          Their memories and legacy will constantly remind us of their presence. They are merely physically absent from us yet their examples and good deeds guide us in choosing what is best for us. We always have 24 hours in a day and how great it is when we are appropriate a part of these 24 hours to offer our prayers for these significant people for they would always be present in our life.

NATURE is GOD's manifestation of HIS great LOVE for mankind...

          Physically absent yet their love would always be our source of inspiration. I remember concretely  my mother who died many years ago. Ever since I  was  a kid, she was my mentor in my prayer life. She everyday initiated us into prayer by reciting the holy rosary. Every Sunday is always a day of obligation. When everybody seemed to be enjoying their rest on Sundays, she constantly became the first person to wake us all up and prepared ourselves for mass.

          Hence, I offer my daily prayers for my beloved Mama and for other faithful departed and this allows me to continue my connections with them. Do you also keep in your hearts and prayers your own departed loved ones?...

21 April 2013


            A day is just like any other day. Basically we wake up then do our daily tasks, communicate with others, write our diaries, letters, read emails and news and many more. However excellent is any day when it is coupled with prayers. Saying our daily prayer does not require much time. We can even perform our daily mantra like saying " LORD JESUS CHRIST HAVE MERCY ON ME A SINNER" and this will be our prayer of repetition. Our GOD, no matter what name we attribute to HIM, would always be a symbol of GOOD NEWS and SALVATION.


          HIS goodness is so overwhelming that He even sacrificed His own son JESUS CHRIST to save us from total damnation because of sin. In my introduction, It was mentioned that indeed we start our day with so many activities in mind yet if we try to check on them, most of them are focused on our own satisfaction and happiness. All of them satisfy our basic needs yet we need to offer time and prayer to our GOD as we are always blessed by HIM. In a week, there are seven days and it is just on a Sunday that we are required to offer a time for HIM on the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and that is even just for an hour. Yet even with my own experience, there were several SUNDAYS before that I failed to fulfill this obligation mainly due to self- centered reasons. I am sorry for all those misgivings. 

          Hence it is always appropriate and positive to unceasingly offer  a day of our week (SUNDAY) to hear HIS words and consolation. Because GOD doesn't want us to be weakened by evil thoughts and human distractions, thus we need to say our personal prayers even just a very simple one. 

14 April 2013

A BORROWED PRAYER..................

May we always remember to pray to our GOd for whatever blessing he bestows to us unceasingly everyday.

NOT JUST FOR FACEBOOK PEOPLE, for BLOGGERS and for everyone as well.....

Thanks to Shannon Shear for sharing this prayer on facebook......

12 April 2013


          Life as it is is such an excellent gift from HIM above. Everyday I wake up, I always see to it that the first thing that I will do is to thank GOD for each day's blessings. Just the very fact that I am able to wake up together with my wife brings so much color to my day.

            And this week, I have received so many great endowments from HIM above. Almost every day, me and my wife have the chance to videochat with our angel Kurt back home. Much to our great joy, the opportunity to witness the activities of our boy ranging from his effort to utter words though he is still incapable to do it, his effort to walk little by little and sometimes he attempts to run as if he can do it....his playing time with his cousins and other loved ones who are as well feeling blessed by his presence...all of these and his other activities transmit to us a very positive energy.


          The gift of life and love as well coming from my better half is another reason that makes my week such a wonderful one. She is so loving, caring, and attentive to my needs as a husband, a friend, and as a companion. Such a young woman, she carries with her a very positive energy that is also so contagious thus bestowing on me such positive energy in performing my daily tasks. There is no greater love a person can give to his/her partner than sacrificing his/her own happiness for the sake of the other. And she is willing to do that for me as her husband. And I thank you my LORD for such a blessing.

          Another blessing that comes to me this week is the gift of friendship from people who become part of my life and journey. My friends from the community, those who are my mates in my work, and even my e-friends----these people are essential to me since they give me strength and positive energy to move on with all my daily endeavors. Furthermore, they lighten up  my load when things go wrong and turn as personal challenges. 

          With all these gifts above, I could say that there is always a reason for me to be happy everyday in my life. With the desire to share these to others, it is my constant prayer that we will appreciate everything that GOD has showered on us.  

10 April 2013


          This is a powerful prayer that I am sharing with you now. Hope you will also find consolation on this one. I am giving credit to www.everydayprayer.us for this prayer. 

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