27 December 2013

What I Want My Kid To Remember During The Holidays

          Amidst the business of this holiday season, we are caught up, at times, in a day to day bickering due to all its fast changing paces. However, when we come to our loved ones especially with our kids, nevertheless we consistently see to it that we leave them nothing but the most positive influences in life.

          Personally, I want my kid to remember especially on this season the idea of sharing. In fact, I believe in what others say that one of the most essential things in life is sharing. Yes. That's exactly what I want my little boy to remember when he becomes a grown up. I want him to relive and relive the feeling of being so wonderful when he is able to share his presence, time, skills etc. with others. The idea of sharing goes beyond one's limitations such as physical, social, spiritual. Although it is a fact that we all have our own limitations yet what counts most for us all is that we can muster sufficient courage to embrace them and move on with life. 
Melbourne's Yarra River: by Angelyn Vania Sihombing
          I need to show to my kid that one's real strength goes deeper and never lies merely on the surface. Moreover, at times, paradoxically, we come to terms just with our own weaknesses and never appreciates our own strength. That's exactly what I want to impart with  my kid that when he grows up, essential things in life are those which are kept deep in ourselves such as our values and traits.....considered as our treasures and beyond any price.


20 December 2013

Welcoming This New Month

          Among many of us, the most awaited month of the year is this month December. Alongside this, many are already expecting more surprises on this month like bonus, gifts, visits, holidays etc. How about you, how do you welcome this month? Are you full of excitement in facing it?

          Whatever your own preparation is, the best way to welcome this month is by sharing your gifts like life, time, skills and others with others. Everyday, there are so many experiences that happen to you and me. However, when we started this December, you and me can immediately feel the excitement and lively spirit of our brothers and sisters who are very eager to live out the day by day event of the month.
           May we always bear in mind as well the plight of those who are presently experiencing deprivations (no matter what it is) and difficulties among these days. Each day, every one is busy to think of what to give as a surprise to somebody on this month yet we are also aware that many are even underprivileged to even think of any give away.

           On the other hand, what is consoling is the spirit of resiliency among us that no matter how difficult life can be, there would always be reasons to be positive especially during this special month of December.


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