14 March 2017

A Prayer For My Children

Borrowed Post: 

Thank you for entrusting these
precious children into my care.

I pray that You will grant them
complete knowledge of Your will.

Bless them with all spiritual
wisdom and understanding.

I pray that my children
will always honour and please you, Father.
May their lives produce every kind of good fruit.

All the while, I ask that they will
grow to know You more deeply.

Through your power,
give them the endurance
and patience they need.

May they always be filled
with gratitude toward You.


based on Colossians1:9-11

          Special thanks to Saint Stephen's Catholic Primary School for sharing this prayer on their Newsletter issue Monday, 20th February 2017. Our beloved son, Kurt, goes to this school and I greatly appreciate the kind of journey that he is taking there through the guidance of his teacher, Laura, all the teachers, staff and their principal, Christine. 

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