27 December 2014

To Live Life to the Fullest

           How do older people spend their time nowadays? It has been observed that more and more older people would like to spend their time alone rather than having so many people around them. If we try to look at the reality of life, it seems that those who can be considered as loner people especially the older ones are much inclined to live by themselves than staying with others. However, the risk of this kind of set up is when he tends to succumb to life's pressures while being alone thus allowing oneself to be drawn to the world and reality of depression. 

          Apparently this kind of scenery could have been avoided if they stay with someone who can regularly check their disposition and health conditions. It could have been to their advantage if they seek comfort in the presence of other people. On the other hand, what could be an advantage here is when introverted and older people though think critically and creatively when left on their lonesome.  Somehow, they feel uncomfortable and intimidated with the presence of others thus they rather stay just by themselves than being with others.


   And in many cases, they emerge as productive members of the society through their contributions since even though they are living alone but their works using their minds such as analysis to life situations, skilful interpretations to various life and other phases could matter most, not just to them but to the whole of society.

          Thus, every person, either young or old, has his own preference of living on this world whether with others or just by himself and what counts most is his positive contributions to the society and to himself. 

Contributing writer: Myra Flor Jugan

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