6 April 2014

3 Top Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Looking Great

Author: Isabell Austin

Quality carpeting is a major investment which requires taking care of in order to keep your carpet looking good and lasting for years. If you wish to save on costs of having to replace your carpet after only a few years, read on for 3 top tips to keeping your carpet looking great.

1: Vacuum Regularly.

Even if your carpet looks clean, dirt and debris will be deposited into the fibers of your carpeting. Over time this dirt and debris will become engrained deep within the fibers of the carpet, making the dirt particles harder to remove. To prevent dirt and debris from being embedded into the carpet, make sure that you schedule regular vacuuming of the carpet, even if the carpet does not look dirty. Also make sure to move furniture in order to give the carpet a thorough vacuuming. If you notice any depressions in the carpet from the furniture place upon it, use an ice cube over the depression in a fluffing motion in order to raise the carpeting up. Always place the furniture slightly back from the original depressions, in order for the depressed area to recover fully.

2: Keep it Clean

Even with regular vacuuming; your carpet will retain some dirt. In order to resolve this, make sure to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least a couple of times a year. Professional cleaning will not only make your carpet look good, it will increase the lifespan of the carpet. Professional cleaning companies will be well trained and experienced in carpets of various materials and colors, and can work out the best cleaning method to bring your carpet back to looking new. Carpet cleaning services can also deal with upholstery cleaning at the same time, if you should require it. You could of course always choose to deep clean your carpet yourself, but keep in mind that any incorrect use of solutions or techniques could lead to your carpet being damaged.

3: Treat Stains Immediately.

Stains and spills should be removed right away in order to prevent them from becoming more difficult to remove later on. Stains which are left on a carpet for a long time may end up resulting in a permanently damaged and stained area. Treat the spill or stain with a stain removal product suitable for the stain and your carpet, and consider using gentler methods instead, such as baking soda or soapy water. Consider having products and solutions on hand for typical stains and spills, so that if an accident does occur, you will know how to take care of it quickly and efficiently.

Note: In order to reduce dirt, debris and staining in the first place, consider asking your family and your visitors to remove their shoes before entering your home. You could always have slippers on hand for visitors instead. In this way you will cut down on the amount of dirt that enters your home. If you have any pets, make sure to clean their paws each time they have been out, as this will also help cut down on the amount of dirt that enters your home and onto your carpeting.

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Your home carpet is an expensive furnishing item that needs proper care and professional carpet cleaning to keep it looking like new. Hire a professional cleaner that provides reliable carpet cleaning services in San Diego. Browse this website to find a carpet cleaner near your home or office.

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