18 November 2023

How Do You Spend a Weekend?

      Another weekend for all of us guys. For sure, we have various activities in mind so as to make a fruitful and a relaxing weeeknd. And how could we really spend our weekend? I tried to check online and found interesting activities for us to spend one.  

1. Planning for the future
* Goal setting- Reflect on your goals and aspirations then try to come up with concrete steps to realise them. 
* Budgeting- this is very relevant especially with our present world challenges like Covid virus plus the inflation nowadays so try to review your finances and create a budget for the upcoming month.

2. Volunteering- performing  a community service: one of the meaningful acts that you can do on this weekend is by dedicating some time to volunteer for a local charity or community project.

3. Exploration  and  adventure
*. Day Trip- actually this one is my favourite together with my wife. Try to explore nearby towns and attractions for s change of scenery.
* Visit a Museum- spend a day at any museum or a cultureal institution and be amazed by their wonders.

4.  Relaxation and Self Care
* Read a book - find a cozy sport and dive into a book you've been meaning to read. You can always find interesting topics that suit your taste. 
* Take a bath- relax with a soothing bath perhaps with some scented oils and bath bombs.
* Meditate- practice mindfulness and meditation to help clear your mind and reduce stress.  This one though could be very fruitful if there's a continuum from day one to the follow up days. 

imagecredit: Joachim Mayr from Pixabay

5. Outdoor activities
* Nature walk or hike- explore a local hiking trail or a park for some fresh air and exercise. 
* Picnic- grab your bag and pack a picnic to enoy a meal outdoors with friends or family. 
* Bike ride- take a leisurely bike ride in your neiborhood or a scenic route.

6. Creative pursuits
* Art or Craft- take part in a creative activity such as painting, drawing or crafting. 
* Writing- start a journal, write poetry or work on a short story or a blog post. Writiung a blog is my personal weeeknd favourite activity. 

7. Socializing- 
* Friends and family- spend time with loved ones, whether it is a casual get together dinner or a game night. 
* Attend events- check for local events, concerts or community gatherings. 

8. Fitnes and wellbeing
* Exercise- go for a run, attend a fitness class or perform a home workout routine. 
* Yoga or stretching- practice yoga or do some gentle stretching exercises. 

      For sure, aside from these enumerated activites, you can still find other noteworthy activities that can make you busy for the weekend. Consistently remember that our bodies need to be busy so as to produce positive output and growth. 


2 June 2023

The Beauty of Having A Family

     Having a family of my own is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received in my life. The two precious persons in my life are my wife and our son. Thus I am so grateful to the Lord for showering me with these two wonderful people. All my hard work and efforts every single day are dedicated for their welfare since I want them to be always happy.

     My role as a father, as a husband and as a provider is not easy. Everyday I and other fathers are faced with challenges but because of the presence of my family, things then becomes light and achievable. I think and believe that to make our family members happy is one of our most important role. A house is not complete without the presence of love on each of the members of the household. Love and respect are the major traits that a family should possess. It is given that even members of the same family could be different from one another and this is normal since we are created unique from each other. And do you know why we are created as such? Personally I believe that one of those reasons is that for us to be able to appreciate the presence of each one. 


     In life, we can't do everything. We need somebody to guide us the right way and at times to enlighten us when the road seems to be dark and lonely. I am saddened by events when families break up and children are divided since it normally results to pain on each one. The pain of separation is so immense and the after effect is felt over one's lifetime. Thus it is the main responsibility of both fathers and mothers to keep the family intact and that children are living positively and happily inside of it. 


27 March 2022

Health is Wealth

        In my other blogpost, I was sharing about the importance of taking care of our life- the most precious gift that I have received in our lifetime. In this post, I will share with you my reflection on how fragile this body is. Recently, I have done my ultrasound to check on my discomfort on the left shoulder. I have this feeling for quite sometime now. Yet due to my other persistent demands such as work and others, I never had the chance to check on it until recently.

     What is funny somehow is that all throughout the day most notably at work, I could not feel the pain or discomfort maybe due to all the activities that I undertake. From the start of my work until the moment that I finish it, little do I know that I have that discomfort. However it is during nighttime that the pain, though not a serious one yet, is felt and it become a discomfort.

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Image by Anna Palinska from Pixabay 

     Thus as a result, I paid my doctor a visit and he recommended me to undergo an ultrasound. And last Saturday, I had the chance to discuss the result with him. He mentioned about a partial tear on my shoulder resulting from two things: age and work demands. Consequently I realised how fragile this health is. And just like any transportation or machine, our bodies at some point in time will complain of any discomfort. Hence it is very important for us to consistently take care of our bodies so that it will really last long.  We always remember that it is our responsibility to feed our bodies with positive things and ideas and not someone else. 


7 August 2021

All Are But Passing

    While enjoying this amazing day ( in spite of our sad and distressing reality of our 6th lockdown here in Melbourne)....I am still finding this day as a precious one of course first and foremost due to the precious gift of LIFE that I am sharing with my loved ones every single day- my beloved wife Yanyan and our cherished kiddo Kurt. 

    What made this day a remarkable one is that today, I had my first dose of the vaccine against the dreaded Covid- 19 our present pandemic. Yes I respect those who choose not to have the jab but personally, this is a matter of protecting my own life as well as those of my loved ones and of others. Indeed just like my title for this day's sharing, I know that everything in this world is but a passing reality thus it is always essential for me to leave positive and wonderful memories for my loved ones to cherish..

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels
    I am aware that we have different struggles in life---that we are carrying all sorts and weights of crosses and at the end, it is how we carry our own cross and extend our helping hand to others who are heavily burdened with theirs that matters. That when the time comes and we face our creator, we will then be asked what we have done to our precious life and that what will count is not how much we have produced and collected in life but rather, how much we have shared this GIFT to others.  


27 December 2019

Saying Goodbye to 2019

          Saying goodbye is sometimes a difficult thing to do especially if we cherish those memories that go along with the event. And as we almost end the month of December now, maybe it is beneficial for us to think about how the year 2019 pass through. 

          What have we achieved so far during the course of this year? How did we spend most of our time month by month? Were we
generous enough to share our precious moment most notably with the special people in our life? Or where we were merely focused on things, activities, and others which were important to us and no one else? Let us rethink about all those moments and reflect on how could we possibly improve during the coming year. 

          When we close the door of this year 2019, let us welcome with much energy the new year 2020 and grateful to the chance of embracing another year, let us all say goodbye to the year that has been and with open arms and hearts, welcome the new year with much love and awe. 


26 December 2018

The Trait of Generosity

          Being unselfish is one of those positive traits in life that we must continuously practice and share with others especially with the young generation. The recent times is a very challenging for all parents. With the emergence of today's modern technologies,  there is a need  for them to display to their kids the trait of generosity for them to learn what is it all about. 

          When they start to explore the world of modern gadgets and begin to use them like ipod, cell phone, tablet etc. the risk of them developing less the idea of being generous is inevitable. It is but common nowadays that wherever you go, kids as young as 1 year old and up start to explore already these gadgets. 
                                                                         Photo by Jarrett Kow on Unsplash
And when they learn to manipulate them, the more time that they need to play with them. Consequently they gradually create their own virtual world thus denying themselves the opportunity to cherish playing time with other kids like them.

          Therefore, the challenge now to bring them to the normal world wherein they can and able to share their time with their peers is clear. The adults like the parents need to monitor this reality making it sure that time spent by kids on modern gadgets is balanced with their time for interaction with the world. And this task has to be a priority for them if they dream of having kids who grow in harmony and who learn how to balance their time.



28 January 2018

Time To Move On

          Reading the news everyday and watching them online or on television, we can notice that nowadays, several cases of shattered relationships are on the rise. And this could make us reflect that some things in life do need to be urgently fixed before it will be too late. Others are merely showing faces of impartiality while some are courageous enough to hold on to their plight and claim a balance. 

          Somehow, the biggest pitfall in life is when we fall down and not being able to stand up. We all have moments of failures and they come in various forms. Let be in ourselves not appear as so pathetic to others.
Further at the end of the day, it would come back to us whether we will decide to move on with our life or chose the other way around. Obviously anybody would say that the best option is to move on from any negative aspect in life but in reality, this is a challenging option to do so.

          However, if we are firm and determine to get up from every failure then at the end, we could also cherish the positive fruits of such labour. Let us not stay falling on the ground, rather we should have the courage to stand up, face the world and move on


4 October 2017

This Education Called LIFE

          Have you ever wondered what exactly happened to our life? As we journey through life, let us then take a break every now and then in order to reflect on our past events. As we do that, we can realise that it is as if we are reading a book- the book of our life. With that reflection,  we should always be glad to be active participants of such journey. As we wake up each day, fresh and new learnings embrace us and they could help us proceed with our own development. 

          On the other hand, there is no such limit and boundary over our learnings. It only takes our commitment to participate fully in this journey which expect us to make a difference in our life. One noteworthy
in life is when we share our various giftedness with each other. As we go on with our everyday learnings, we also grow in our awareness over life's excellent stories. 

          As one writer would tell us, he said that " Self-education is, I firmly believe that the only kind of education there is." -Isaac Asimov.  One way or the other, we could agree with Isaac and that as we enter each day, we as a result start to learn new things that contribute colours to this wonderful journey. Numerous people have joined us in this journey most notably those significant others in our life. 

          Hence, as we go on with this trip called LIFE, may we also unceasingly reflect on Isaac's words above and let us be the best persons that we can be. As such, all of us can become agents of joy and growth for others.