2 June 2023

The Beauty of Having A Family

     Having a family of my own is one of the most precious gifts I have ever received in my life. The two precious persons in my life are my wife and our son. Thus I am so grateful to the Lord for showering me with these two wonderful people. All my hard work and efforts every single day are dedicated for their welfare since I want them to be always happy.

     My role as a father, as a husband and as a provider is not easy. Everyday I and other fathers are faced with challenges but because of the presence of my family, things then becomes light and achievable. I think and believe that to make our family members happy is one of our most important role. A house is not complete without the presence of love on each of the members of the household. Love and respect are the major traits that a family should possess. It is given that even members of the same family could be different from one another and this is normal since we are created unique from each other. And do you know why we are created as such? Personally I believe that one of those reasons is that for us to be able to appreciate the presence of each one. 


     In life, we can't do everything. We need somebody to guide us the right way and at times to enlighten us when the road seems to be dark and lonely. I am saddened by events when families break up and children are divided since it normally results to pain on each one. The pain of separation is so immense and the after effect is felt over one's lifetime. Thus it is the main responsibility of both fathers and mothers to keep the family intact and that children are living positively and happily inside of it. 


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