18 November 2023

How Do You Spend a Weekend?

      Another weekend for all of us guys. For sure, we have various activities in mind so as to make a fruitful and a relaxing weeeknd. And how could we really spend our weekend? I tried to check online and found interesting activities for us to spend one.  

1. Planning for the future
* Goal setting- Reflect on your goals and aspirations then try to come up with concrete steps to realise them. 
* Budgeting- this is very relevant especially with our present world challenges like Covid virus plus the inflation nowadays so try to review your finances and create a budget for the upcoming month.

2. Volunteering- performing  a community service: one of the meaningful acts that you can do on this weekend is by dedicating some time to volunteer for a local charity or community project.

3. Exploration  and  adventure
*. Day Trip- actually this one is my favourite together with my wife. Try to explore nearby towns and attractions for s change of scenery.
* Visit a Museum- spend a day at any museum or a cultureal institution and be amazed by their wonders.

4.  Relaxation and Self Care
* Read a book - find a cozy sport and dive into a book you've been meaning to read. You can always find interesting topics that suit your taste. 
* Take a bath- relax with a soothing bath perhaps with some scented oils and bath bombs.
* Meditate- practice mindfulness and meditation to help clear your mind and reduce stress.  This one though could be very fruitful if there's a continuum from day one to the follow up days. 

imagecredit: Joachim Mayr from Pixabay

5. Outdoor activities
* Nature walk or hike- explore a local hiking trail or a park for some fresh air and exercise. 
* Picnic- grab your bag and pack a picnic to enoy a meal outdoors with friends or family. 
* Bike ride- take a leisurely bike ride in your neiborhood or a scenic route.

6. Creative pursuits
* Art or Craft- take part in a creative activity such as painting, drawing or crafting. 
* Writing- start a journal, write poetry or work on a short story or a blog post. Writiung a blog is my personal weeeknd favourite activity. 

7. Socializing- 
* Friends and family- spend time with loved ones, whether it is a casual get together dinner or a game night. 
* Attend events- check for local events, concerts or community gatherings. 

8. Fitnes and wellbeing
* Exercise- go for a run, attend a fitness class or perform a home workout routine. 
* Yoga or stretching- practice yoga or do some gentle stretching exercises. 

      For sure, aside from these enumerated activites, you can still find other noteworthy activities that can make you busy for the weekend. Consistently remember that our bodies need to be busy so as to produce positive output and growth. 


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