2 February 2024

Where Am I Leading To?

         " A bit ambiguous" ....others might say if they will hear me asking such question. Yet personally, I believe this is very important for you and me. Why? In life, we should have a personal direction leading to fulfillment and happiness. 

        Things that would help us answer such question would be for us to determine our personal values. Values refer to those things that are valuable to us .....things that give us meaning.....that makes us more physically and mentally alive every single day. Examples of this could be family, health, future, job, relationships etc. Then, it is also crucial that we set certain goals, both short and long term ones. These goals set as our  target in the future. Citing as example, one of my personal goals is to provide a bright future for my family especially for our kid. 

Image by burrough from Pixabay

        On the other hand, participating in causes and activities that are meaningful to us is one avenue that leads us in the right direction. As outcome, relationships with others such as family members, relatives, friends or members of the community will be built.

            Everyday learning also is crucial to provide meaning to our daily existence. The moment we open our eyes and start the day till its end, heaps of things can give us learnings and they will enable us to understand better what then is our purpose in life. Alongside with these experiences, challenges and mindfulness tag along. If handled properly both of them will usher to a better understanding of ourselves as well as our purpose in life. 

         Constantly bear in mind that life with a meaning and a purpose is such a wonderful and interesting journey. We may differ in all of these but to be productive and positive is, I believe, the most relevant among them. 

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