30 May 2013


          Today as my loved one celebrates her birthday, I am with her as she embraces her creator's goodness in bringing another chapter to her life. Indeed, life is the most precious gift that we all received from God. 

               Everyday we are endowed with situations in which we can share this gift of life with others. It is not just on birthdays that we must realize life's value....we need to inculcate in our minds that everyday is always a reminder for us to treasure and get hold of this gift.
Moreover, I salute those who are seemed to be deprived in life in terms of capabilities, those who are differently abled, those who are denied of certain senses like that of seeing and hearing, yet in the midst of their predicaments they are still projecting how precious life is. Even if many are feeling hurt and helpless in those situations yet there are many also who emerge triumphant of such deprivation and they are the ones who serve as models for all to strive the more.

          On the other hand, we are surrounded by people, events, situations and others that will aid us in holding on to what is ideal in life. We have different goals and directions, we own separate ways, we carry different burdens yet we are on the same journey that is towards the fulfillment of our life. We all aim for happiness and contentment. Yet many instances in our life can tell us that it is not all joy that we experience everyday. As life goes on, we continue to struggle and fall down yet what counts the most is that we continue to get up and survive each day believing that  we can get over the situation and emerge as better persons.
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          To reiterate, I celebrate the joy of my beloved on her memorable moment this day and I am with her in extending gratitude to our Divine Creator for all goodness shared day by day most notably the gift of LIFE. 


21 May 2013



                Life is the most precious gift one human being can have. What we always wish is to spend it in a peaceful and safe community. Around the world we often see life as a threatening thing to be. We can never tell what will happen next. It could be natural disasters , wars, civil disturbance and sometimes sickness. Few people are just being killed without any provocation or reason. Other killings are done out of mental disturbance.
                 We meet people by chance for they meant to cross our path. Experience wise, I have witnessed life as a gift that needs to be taken good care of. Sometimes, life seems so unfair especially when we lose someone whom we have offered love and trust.

                  Facing the challenges now is but a game to be won, but accepting the fact that a loved one is about to lose a life because of a certain sickness is more tragic. You feel being betrayed and helpless for your dreams are shattered. 

                  On the other hand, you want to spend your life with a person whom you have loved tremendously. And then suddenly, someone will tell you he`s about to leave you soon. How can someone take such sad news of a loved one who will be giving up life so soon? Seems so traumatic to accept it in an instant. Giving all the sacrifices  to fulfill a dream and then you suddenly realize that it will never be yours forever.
                  One can definitely believe that having and giving life is such a pleasure... GOD has all the reasons to  what is happening around us and He is always there to protect us. Don't ever lose faith and always ask for His guidance in everything that you will do to your LIFE.


19 May 2013


          Dreams have so many interpretations. On this post, I won't dwell on them yet what I would like to share are insights on a friend's dreams. What was significant in her dreams was their resemblance to her waking life. Below are some of her dreams as she narrated them:

* Dream 1: 
          "I see in my dream a guy whom I haven't met in my life. One time, he is bringing a soccer ball with him. Then he brings me to his house which I notice that it is not lighted enough. We go through the kitchen door. Their house's style is  extremely different from houses way back home. When we enter the kitchen, there's an old man sitting on a chair in the dining area. Then as we come into the living room, there is this old woman sitting calmly on a sofa". 
from: www.dreamstime.com
 -----relevance of this dream to the dreamer: when she was married to her husband,  she remembered that he looks very much alike with that guy in her dream. Then asking him about soccer game, he said he was previously playing the game and in fact, he was once a winner of the "Best Player" award. Further, she recalled that when they went to her husband's house, she recognized it as that in her dream. It was there that she also met his mother and step dad. 

* Dream  2:
          "In my dream, my boyfriend goes away one night. He wears a back pack and what he gestures to me as we part ways is that as he walks away, he just turns his back then gone".   

-----dream's relevance: It was a dream before she separated from her daughter's father. The next day after she had this dream, her boyfriend's uncle informed her that he went away just bringing his back up with him. 
from: www.dreamstime.com
* Dream 3:
         " In my dream, I hear somebody knocking my bedroom door and when I open it, there is this lady standing then she hands over to me a baby". 

-----dream's relevance: After a few months, she and her family learned that her sister was pregnant and later, delivered  a baby girl during her (dreamer) birthday.

          Our dreamer has other dreams which she claimed that later they became realities. In her case, there is that sense of connectedness between her dreams and her life. Were they all coincidences or not? I could never tell - perhaps they were or it could also be that she has the gift of foretelling certain events in her life through dreams. 

          Recalling back our dream study, we dwelt on several interpretations of dreams. In my friend's case, I  invited her to focus her energy on those parts  that she considered relevant to her waking life. A dream is composed of various important parts and it is the dreamer's option to pick out those which are most touching to him. After all, it is the dreamer who can evaluate a dream's impact on her/his life. On the other hand, my role lies on being a facilitator in identifying connections of any dream to one's waking life. This is done by allowing the dreamer to undergo certain accompaniment so that he will see his dream's impact. 

p.s. I thank my friend, EMILY C. DEVILBISS of Maryland, USA for sharing her story.

18 May 2013


          It has been more than a week that I posted my last entry on this blog. Anyway, this week has been another wonderful one for me. Bountiful blessings and rich experiences ushered me to strengthen further my belief that life is such a treasure. This week's unique experiences added colors to my life's chapter. Somehow some may perhaps tend to be monotonous however personally,  every single experience plays a unique role to my self discovery. Indeed this journey called life is a never ending one. It goes beyond time. No two experiences are exactly alike  from each other. 
          For all those reasons, I could declare that I am so grateful for this week's events since they enabled me to appreciate the more what is life. On the other hand, even my own work experiences as well were deeply appreciated for they allow me to survive day by day. Without my job, I could never support my self and my family.  

          Consequently giving the best of my ability in every job that I perform is a daily goal. I make it a point that quality and elegance will always be a part of my work attributes. Committing any error in my daily performance has no room since in the whole production process, I serve as the starting point. If I don't do it perfectly, then the rest of our production will suffer. 

          Meanwhile my experiences at home were all noteworthy and special as well.  Those times of bonding with my dearest wife were extremely delightful moments. My wife and my kid are my main reasons why this life becomes so meaningful everyday. All my efforts and dreams are geared towards their welfare and happiness. Seeing them happy everyday accorded me great satisfaction and meaning for they are source of strength. 

          On the other hand, the people I interacted this week also allowed me to share myself and everything with others. After all, I believe that life is sharing and extending my self with others is my joy. That becomes another reason for my sense of self- fulfillment---- knowing that everyday I become an instrument for others to realize that life is such a wonderful journey. 

9 May 2013


          LIFE- what is it anyway? There have been so many meanings and definitions of life yet personally I claim it as a gift --a very precious gift from somebody up there. While being a gift, I am also invited to share it with others. Day by day, as I listen to what is going on with the world nowadays, I could not help but be reflective on all these negative things that struck our great world nowadays. 

          We have floods in certain places, while in other countries there are volcano eruptions and earthquake in other areas. Headlines of nowadays news are at times very disheartening. Hearing news like people who died in Bangladesh due to lightning strike,  landslide damages cars in Malaysia, Mayon volcano eruption in the Philippines, and many more-- such events are affecting many lives, displacing people from their homes, disconnecting members of families.

          While I could not refrain from feeling pity to all those victims above, I am as well grateful for my own life that I have the privilege to wake up every day. Each day brings memories all worthy to cherish. This day is such a great day- the outstanding weather, such fresh air, the clean environment, they allow me to treasure each day. Moreover, I have experienced and shared laughters today with  both significant and ordinary people in my life. I can understand that others may not be feeling this day's greatness due to illness, problems, stress, poverty, disillusionment and other reasons. 

          For this, my heart goes along with them on their plight and on their struggle in their journey. Yet what is most touching in all of these, both for them and for me, is the reality that we are still alive this day---this is one great reason for us to be grateful each day.

4 May 2013


          This week has been a week full of blessings for me. Indeed God has been so generous to me and to my loved ones. With all such goodness, the more that I was able to affirm my faith in Him that He is such a loving and a very patient God. As human as I am, there were several shortcomings this week yet I was also conscious and tried to make ammends for them.  I could not count with my fingers  how many people whom I interacted with within the week however one thing for sure is  that I am able to see God's goodness through them. 

          In other words, they became God's living instruments to concretize my relationship with Him. Personally , other people can raise questions such as the following:  

Where was God in the midst of these world's events like the crisis and war in certain places?
Where was God when there were bushfires, earthquake and other calamities?
Where was God when no new plaque swept away the human race?
Where was God when millions of babies born in the whole world?

          Truly we can have countless questions in our minds and hearts yet what is very  clear with me is that I have experienced God in concrete moments throughout the week. Consequently I had no single doubt of His presence. Nevertheless I can pinpoint instances this week that I have witnessed His goodness and patience. And I know that He sent His messages through this week's life's events so as to constantly invite me to self repentance. However in  my realization that I am an underserving sinner, what came out as a consolation is the reality that God's great embrace is present and patiently waiting for me to come back to His fold. 

          Finally, the presence and love coming from my most treasured possessions - my wife and my little boy Kurt- reinforced this faith and love of God in my life. 

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