12 April 2015

Good Karma

DO you believe in good karma?

          Another week is almost starting now and are we ready to share our generosity with others for the coming days? 


          As we go through the events day in and day out, we at times feel the burden and stress of knowing the sad plight of our brothers and sisters here and there. 

          What this world then needs is PEACE. A Peace that is rooted in the very own deep of our senses. We have enough of these worldly sufferings and chaos caused by man's greediness and evil ways. 

"Peace is not made in documents, but in the hearts of men."

          Hence to spread this good karma, we need to feed ourselves with good and positive vibes everyday. Let us all become agents of change so that this world will become a place so worthy to live in. Let us all be positive contributors so that all those brothers and sisters who are suffering in pain, hunger, unfairness, and others may be freed and carried on to a world of happiness and peace. 

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