30 December 2015

Grateful for This Year's Blessings

          Checking back my journal for year 2015, I have found out that my happy moments outnumbered the sad ones. And it is already for me one good reason to celebrate the year 2015. Indeed we need to be grateful for whatever grace that comes to our life. 

         From the month of January up to this month, day by day, manifestations of life's greatness is very evident. From seemed simple and ordinary ones to the more grandiose things, they are showered to us every single day. And one good thing that we can do is to savour every minute of it then extend such goodness and grace to others.

           Indeed this is not really very difficult but at times, due to our other priorities we tend to forget to do it thus we fail to extend to others the preciousness of life. Let us all remember that life on earth is but a passing one and nothing will last forever, so let us try to be grateful for all good things in our life and let us also share with others every positive thing like goodness, kindness etc. so that this world will continue to be a place worthy of living for. 

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