27 March 2022

Health is Wealth

        In my other blogpost, I was sharing about the importance of taking care of our life- the most precious gift that I have received in our lifetime. In this post, I will share with you my reflection on how fragile this body is. Recently, I have done my ultrasound to check on my discomfort on the left shoulder. I have this feeling for quite sometime now. Yet due to my other persistent demands such as work and others, I never had the chance to check on it until recently.

     What is funny somehow is that all throughout the day most notably at work, I could not feel the pain or discomfort maybe due to all the activities that I undertake. From the start of my work until the moment that I finish it, little do I know that I have that discomfort. However it is during nighttime that the pain, though not a serious one yet, is felt and it become a discomfort.

Image by Anna Palinska from Pixabay 

     Thus as a result, I paid my doctor a visit and he recommended me to undergo an ultrasound. And last Saturday, I had the chance to discuss the result with him. He mentioned about a partial tear on my shoulder resulting from two things: age and work demands. Consequently I realised how fragile this health is. And just like any transportation or machine, our bodies at some point in time will complain of any discomfort. Hence it is very important for us to consistently take care of our bodies so that it will really last long.  We always remember that it is our responsibility to feed our bodies with positive things and ideas and not someone else. 


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