7 August 2021

All Are But Passing

    While enjoying this amazing day ( in spite of our sad and distressing reality of our 6th lockdown here in Melbourne)....I am still finding this day as a precious one of course first and foremost due to the precious gift of LIFE that I am sharing with my loved ones every single day- my beloved wife Yanyan and our cherished kiddo Kurt. 

    What made this day a remarkable one is that today, I had my first dose of the vaccine against the dreaded Covid- 19 our present pandemic. Yes I respect those who choose not to have the jab but personally, this is a matter of protecting my own life as well as those of my loved ones and of others. Indeed just like my title for this day's sharing, I know that everything in this world is but a passing reality thus it is always essential for me to leave positive and wonderful memories for my loved ones to cherish..

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels
    I am aware that we have different struggles in life---that we are carrying all sorts and weights of crosses and at the end, it is how we carry our own cross and extend our helping hand to others who are heavily burdened with theirs that matters. That when the time comes and we face our creator, we will then be asked what we have done to our precious life and that what will count is not how much we have produced and collected in life but rather, how much we have shared this GIFT to others.  


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