27 December 2019

Saying Goodbye to 2019

          Saying goodbye is sometimes a difficult thing to do especially if we cherish those memories that go along with the event. And as we almost end the month of December now, maybe it is beneficial for us to think about how the year 2019 pass through. 

          What have we achieved so far during the course of this year? How did we spend most of our time month by month? Were we
generous enough to share our precious moment most notably with the special people in our life? Or where we were merely focused on things, activities, and others which were important to us and no one else? Let us rethink about all those moments and reflect on how could we possibly improve during the coming year. 

          When we close the door of this year 2019, let us welcome with much energy the new year 2020 and grateful to the chance of embracing another year, let us all say goodbye to the year that has been and with open arms and hearts, welcome the new year with much love and awe. 


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