5 October 2014

How Can You Find Blessings through Life's Struggles and Adversities?

imagecredit: Ingrid Alferez/ Mikel Magdadaro
          Life journey.....where are you in your present life journey? Can you trace back the paths that you have chosen so far? To each his own..do you believe in that saying? Somehow that's what makes life more interesting to live on. Having in mind the formation of a web, life is so full of complexities that at times, you arrive in a crossroad and it gives you an impression what pathway will become your personal choice? Is it the one leading to the left of the other way around?

          Somehow, along this web comes the reality that life is a very colourful and exciting journey especially those moment of struggles and adversities. What is your attitude when confronted with such stages? Are you confrontative or one who distances himself and rather stay on the sideline?  That's how paradoxes at times play in a  very significant way in life that even struggles and adversities become sources of blessings instead of them becoming reasons of one's downfall. 

          How on this earth can you consider them as such? Perhaps at this time upon reading these queries, plenty of things pop up in your mind and one of them states that a person's attitude towards those two (struggles and adversities) will either make or break him. Negative as they could be, they could initially result to stresses, desolations, disappointments, etc. however when one could lift up his head and stay strong on his faith and on his self esteem, he will soon or later comes out as triumphant over them. 

          Consequently, these struggles and adversities could lead him to live in a firmer foundation- one that could face squarely life's varying chapters and colours. Hence, consistently stay firm and focus so as to be able to emerge victorious over those negative events thus receiving further more blessings in life. 


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